"Your Body is Your Temple"

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

My Dream....Sometimes an idea comes to me and I simply forget about it or I let it pass. Other times the dream keeps whispering in my ear, trying to take hold. I am not sure where my dream will lead but, I know I have been called to try to pursue something in the wellness industry. My overall dream is to lead destination retreats with my sisters and perhaps other friends.
But for now...
I continue to think about this precious space in my home. The space my father spent many hours building and inspiring himself and his family to be healthy. This space is my basement. I have transformed it into a meditation and yoga space. I love the warmth and memory of this space. I hope to give away a positive energy to others while helping instill a healthy way of living.
I have dedicated this space to help others align with their body, mind and spirit. The format of each sessions will be A.I.M (Activation, inspiration and meditation). Take a look at the class offerings.
Welcome to Holistic AIM!

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