Do These 5 Things Everyday!!

I have been listening to the book, “Girl Stop Apologizing” while driving to work these past few weeks. I am really enjoying this book and thought I would share Rachel Hollis’s advice on living your best life. She listed FIVE things you should strive to do in your daily life and calls it:


1. Drink ½ your body-weight in ounces every day-- so if you weighed 150 lbs you would need to consume 75 oz of water every day or 9-10 eight ounce cups per day.

2. Move your body for 30 minutes everyday-- Everyone can carve out 30 minutes to move! The benefits are endless, both physically and mentally.

3. Start the day with YOU...wake up 30 minutes to an hour before your kids wake-up or before you need to get ready for work. Take this time to savor your coffee, journal, read, meditate and brain dump your list for the day. This suggestion does not apply to people who are caring for a baby less than 9 months old!

4. Eliminate one food or beverage for 30 days. This could be eating fast food, Starbucks coffee drinks, diet coke, evening dessert or maybe you want to eliminate meat for 30 days. Just try and be intentional about giving something up for 30 days.

5. Keep a Gratitude journal-- We hear this all the time and Rachel even goes so far to say that if you can’t do any of the items on the list, do this one. Being grateful first thing sets you up to recognize your blessings throughout the day instead of naturally faulting to negative thoughts. Try to be specific and detailed with your gratitude list. Don’t just list things like I am healthy, be more specific…. I am grateful my body was energetic during my workout this morning. I am grateful my son gave me a big hug when he saw me today.

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