Meditation Thoughts....

"We live, embrace and put to rest our dearest things including how we see ourselves, so we can resurrect our lives anew." Mark Nepo

*Try to identify one aspect of your way in the world that has outlived its usefulness---a way of thinking or feeling, of speaking or relating.

From the book: Self-meditation By: Barbara Ann Kipfer

"For just one thing at a time, keeping your mind in the present. Practice doing it more slowly, with more intention, and more awareness and respect."

"Whichever seeds you water will blossom and grow into plants. If you repeatedly act out of anger, you are watering the seeds of anger. If you meet your anger with kindness, then the anger seeds cannot grow, but a loving plant will come in its place."

"Meditate on happiness. Let your thoughts or images that make you happy come into your mind. When they trail off, turn to your senses and meditate on what real happiness is for you. You will feel a deep, ecstatic, inner glow when you find it. Let this glow and carry you throughout your day."

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