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About Michelle

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The Story of ME…..I often hear ideas, like gentle whispers. They will come and go in my mind when I jog or spend time in silence. Sometimes I ignore the whisper, but the latest idea keeps recurring. Do I listen to this recurring idea or do I let it pass? Just maybe this idea will transform my life and other people's lives?


How will I grow the best version of myself?   This has been the continual question in my life, especially since losing my Dad.


When my Dad was put to rest, I really began a deeper self-quest.  I wondered about God more and felt the need to connect to my soul.  After the loss of my Dad, I had many emotions to process in order to circle back to love.  Only through stillness, yoga and connection to others did I find my way back to positive energy.  However, depending on the season of life, remembering my daily self-care practices either came naturally or I defaulted into sadness and gloom.


The hardships of my life have continued to shape my being. Learning how to be mindful has been my saving grace from defaulting to negative emotions.  My marriage has been continually tested as owning a brewery and restaurant has come with many hardships. Being a Mom has also been tough at times.   I continue to circle back to the question… “How am I going to love God, myself and love others?” How am I going to stop consuming negative energy and find the peace within myself through all circumstances?  I have learned that my love and passion for life is found with connecting my mind, body and spirit. The profound changes I feel when I am actively participating in self-care (meditation, yoga, joyful movement, nutrition and relationships) are what I aspire to help others feel!


I completed a RYT-200 Yoga teacher training in the summer of 2019.  I spent 15 days immersed in yoga teacher training at the Heartwood Yoga Retreat Center.  I loved my  immersion yoga experience! You can read about my experience on my blog. 


I completed a year long Wellness Certification program, which I enrolled at the start of 2018 through Lisa Grace Byrne’s Well Grounded Institute.  I have learned a wealth of information on: establishing a calm mind, nourishing your body, joyful movement, thyroid health and connection. I am excited to begin a new journey and use my training to help others connect to their body, mind and soul.  

  • RYT-200 Yoga Teacher
  • ​Certified Wellness Educator

  • PLYOGA Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Physical Education Teacher

  • Culinary Arts Teacher

  • Healthy cooking and Meal planning

  • Detoxification

  • Healthy Kids (Minds in Motion)

  • Fitness and Nutrition

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