Tahoe Blue...Retreat Reflection Video 2020

Women's Lake Tahoe 2021 RETREAT July 23-27

  • 4 nights lodging in a spacious Tahoe vacation home

  • Nutritious cuisine provided by a local culinary enthusiast

  • Running and hiking on trails in beautiful settings

  • “Awakening the Senses” Yoga

  • Nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to nourish yourself with healthy foods and self-care practices.

  • Paddleboard yoga and Lake Meditation

  • Daily relaxation practices including yoga, mediation, and restorative yoga, designed to center and energize.

  • Inspiring and motivating music and relaxing sound bowl meditation

  • Motivational Speaker- What is Uniquely mine to do? Finding everyday joy amongst suffering.

  • Massage by Shauna, a licensed Massage Therapist

  • Essential oils and CBD oil education

  • Professional instruction and guidance, safe supervision of all activities

  • Lifelong friendships and memorable experiences

Transportation to and from the retreat house is NOT included. We will do our best to help coordinate rides to the retreat house one month prior. We will provide transportation to all outings throughout the retreat.

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