Fear Not....Just Be Athletic

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

I wish I had the feeling of adventure and excitement to get in the water and ski or wake board. I know I love doing it but, I also know that my body is going to get tossed and turned and my nose will be burning because of the water I take in. I know I don't like these things happening to my body! But then I am up on top of the water flying across the wake and feeling free, light and brave. I remember my youth distinctly and I remember the countless tries learning to ski. I love these memories and I understand now why my dad would ask if I would boat and ski when I am older. I undoubtedly said, of course, and I believed it. He was right...having a boat and boating as a hobby is a rare thing for my family. I appreciate so much that my family got the opportunity to go on a boat this past Labor day with the McCoy's. I love watching my kids ski and tube, and feel proud that they can ALL water ski. I love that I can help them accomplish getting up on skies for the first time. I love that they are brave and they can overcome fear. I love witnessing positive peer pressure...if one skies they all wanna try (#CaliBrave). I am so thankful I have my childhood memories on the water! While I do have guilt that my kids don't get to boat very often, at least we had one chance this summer to enjoy the water. I am proud that I showed my kids how I can ski and do it well. I am grateful for my athletic ability, and that I still get out there at the age of 43. I almost didn't ask to go skiing! I am so glad I didn't let the fear overcome me. Thank you Dad for the gentle whispers in my ear....telling me I better ski!

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