Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I just completed my RYT-200 yoga teacher training at Heartwood in Bradenton, FL. The immersion program was 15 long days, filled with deep spiritual teachings around the 8 limbs of yoga. This yoga journey was about exploring within and awakening myself to who I am, while letting go of what I am not.

What I loved the Most:

  • Kundalini Yoga- This is the rising stream of energy working through your body, which is ignited through the breath. There is even dancing in Kundalini and I am not a dancer. However, I really loved expressing myself through dance after breath-work in this practice. The teacher made all the difference! Heartwood hosted an amazing Kundalini teacher.

  • The FRIENDS I met and roomed with- Connecting with my yoga tribe at Heartwood allowed me to remember myself before becoming a wife and Mom. I hope I can continue to see "Me" and love and honor myself.

  • Releasing Negative Self-Talk and really letting the feelings of "I am not enough." I have something to offer everyone I meet, but first I must honor and love myself!

  • All the Teachers at Heartwood were inspiring and amazing!

  • The Vegetarian FOOD was delicious

  • #Heartwood is beautiful, look at the pictures below!

What the TRIBE experienced........

WE were challenged to “Live our yoga” and to go deeper than the Asanas (physical practice). All of the teachers at Heartwood modeled the understanding that Yoga teaches you to address your issues and really KNOW and LOVE yourself, so you can help others.

I walked into this experience releasing thoughts of, “I am not enough.” I feel lighter today as a graduate of this course, but I also recognize that the real work is ahead of me. How will I take my yoga experience and apply it to my life? How do I take what I have learned on the Mat and apply it to the outside world? What happens when my life crumbles? Is there grace in my suffering? Will I remember that everything is for a higher purpose and everything is in service to something else? How can I be present and gracefully connected?

We all have a duty to find and live our purpose!

So how do I change the energy and vibration around me? Our energetic state can expand within a lifetime. Everyday of every minute I am collecting karma and yoga is the opportunity to grow. There is a reason things are happening and there is always a lesson to be learned. Perhaps I can walk in grace a little easier, because I trust this adversity will grow me into the light.

Stay in the state of LOVE and LIGHT.

Remember to hold space and acknowledge the pain....don’t fix it.

I am making the effort, it will work or not work and I will be okay with both. Remember, all things are connected in this world. Remember, we steal from ourselves when we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. Yoga says we all create our reality. So in a relationship...stay and be happy or leave and be happy. This is what Santosha means “Sit and be content.”

Remember in life we consume everything, not just food. Be careful with whom you surround yourself with and what you watch. Watch your thoughts... be pure in your thoughts and negative energy because negative thoughts damage yourself. Have purity in thoughts and speech. All of life is a vibration and the vibration OM can help you connect to God, which helps to connect all things.

The mantra satnum means you are your soul and was chanted in Kundalini. Kundalini yoga helps you ignite your energetic power. Remember Yoga doesn’t change you but it changes what you are NOT! Remember this advice...stay and be happy or leave and be happy.... In your relationships, jobs, living everything. Be married to yoga and study the Yamas and Niyamas!


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