New Beginnings....Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I have completed 4 days out of my 15 days of yoga teacher training. Feeling so awake and grateful for this time away in Bradenton, Fl. I miss my family and have never ever been gone longer then 4 days from my kids. My days are packed full of all things yoga!

Yoga challenges me to continually grow and learn. Yoga teaches us we are born whole and the very act of being alive shatters us. We can become physically, mentally and spiritually damaged during our human experience. Yoga and Jesus (for me as well) teaches there is GRACE in our suffering.

One of the readings during a yoga practice had a great quote: “why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Yoga teaches the beauty of knowing yourself and loving yourself. It is a spiritual journey explored through physical practice (asana).

I have already had so many spiritual connections these past 4 days through.....walking the labyrinth, walking the chakra garden, meditations, restorative yoga and ceremonies. I have learned muscular anatomy and physiology and explored the physical practice.

I am loving my time here and words can’t describe this amazing experience. I am in class with 12 other women ages 19-65, which is very cool to witness different perspectives. Many of the women are vegetarians and all of our meals are vegetarian. The food is amazing...(yes-because I don’t have to cook) but, it is really tasty and healthy. I still get my morning coffee too! I room with 4 other girls and I am the oldest of the group by over 10 years. At first I was down on myself, wishing I would have been as wise as them to be doing a yoga training this young. I got over my ego.

The more I study yoga, the more I understand that all things are connected and we are all ”one” with the universe, having a spiritual experience. We all want to know our higher purpose and feel called to our soul somehow. I love becoming me through the eyes of God. I am thankful to be here!

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