Why Calm Camp....

We are so bored, the weather is hot and we are sick of swimming and it feels like we are suffocating inside. The outside is calling my name but the money it will take to leave holds us back. I want to please my kids and keep them occupied with fun stuff of summertime. What happened to kids running around? All the yards are lonely now, no one is outside…it is just too hot unless you have water. Creative energy seems to be something that needs to be taught these days!

I turn my back and there they are on a device. I have rules around them…..but enforcing them is my weak spot. I need to get a few things done and they need to be adventurous. I am surrounded by chores, sure they pitch in, and we all get it done. I would just like to see them playing and moving their bodies, I would like to see them baking homemade cookies (or taking an interest), making something creative (but not slime)….playing with friends, which seem hard to find unless they are looking at instagram or chatting on Facetime. Oh how I need to create something to encourage these young minds to grow their soul and creative mind instead of occupying themselves with the latest youtuber.

I am going to start investing more time in their soulful growth and expand all the education I have had in my career. I am starting a new adventure called…Calm Camp. During this organized time kids will explore their body and minds. We will get outside in nature and hike to the creek and spontaneously play, we will cook nutritious foods and eat them too. We will discuss how we can keep our bodies healthy through nutrition and exercise. We will activate our vestibular system (right and left hemispheres of the brain) and get upside down with Ariel yoga. No devices will be allowed, just a journal and comfortable clothes.

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