What Song is God Singing to Me?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Recently, I was out with some friends for dinner and I noticed our server had Proverbs 31:24 tattooed on her neck. We Googled the verse….I love it...so I used this verse to close my Fatima Retreat House yoga class.

Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed in STRENGTH & DIGNITY and she LAUGHS without fear of the future.

My mantra this New Year 2020, is STRONG ENERGY. This verse really comes alive in my heart and mind. How can I rejoice and be glad when I think about the future? How am I going to afford to send my kids to college? How am I going to raise highschool daughters? How am I going to age gracefully? I think most people naturally get on the worry train of thoughts. One fear thought comes up and we get on the “train” of more worry and fear type thoughts. I think of this verse and ask myself…"How can I laugh without fear of the future?" This verse has become my prayer and my reminder mantra.

I loved the Movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! My favorite part of the movie was when Mr. Rogers leaned over his friend’s dying father and whispered something to him. When the friend was walking Mr. Rogers to his car, he asked him what he whispered to his dying father. Mr. Rogers said…. “I asked him to pray for me, someone that close to dying must be very close to God.”

What is God Singing to Me?…..Rejoice and be glad for I am with you. I Clothe you in Strength. Grow with me through your presence and feel my peace radiate on you. Be the one who touches and loves just as I love you. Remember you can do all things through me. I will walk with loving arms by your side forever and ever through the good and the bad. I love you. Namaste

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