What is HolisticAIM?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Time has Memory…..plan the best TIME in the day just for you.

Location has Energy….designate a SPACE that helps you feel calm and balanced.

Jay Shetty

AIM Classes beginning June, 2019

Next Women's Retreat June 8

Kid's Calm Camps beginning June, 2019

Visualize for a moment…. putting on comfortable clothes and grabbing your water and yoga mat. Out the door you go anticipating the moments ahead connecting body, mind and soul. You know the next hour of self-care will transform the hours and days ahead.

You enter a dark candle lit room with soothing music and a pleasing fragrance. You roll your mat out and lie down letting go of the day while feeling grateful that you made it to class.

Welcome to Holistic AIM:

HOLISTIC (connecting mind, body and soul)

ACTIVATION- pilates, plyometric & strength exercises and yoga

INSPIRATION- wellness tip of the day(#smallstepsofchange)

MEDITATION-- guided yoga flow with a challenge pose to practice, followed by a guided meditation in savasana

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