Are you feeling confused because it is December and we are jumping from one Holiday to the next? Here are a few tips to keep the joy and magic going throughout the HOLIDAY SEASON!

  • SIMPLIFY-- My suggestion right now is to make a list of possible positive holiday cheer ideas for your family and strive to plan a couple.

  • FILL YOUR CUP FIRST! How you ask... perhaps set aside some time and do something that will really benefit your mind, body and soul. IDEAS: Yoga class, nature, sweat- find joyful movement (30 minutes a day), Drink water (try warm water with a squeeze of lemon), make golden tea, eat warm veggies and nourishing meals for lunch, take a bath, make a date night with friends or significant other.

  • Begin the day with an INTENTION- write it down and come back to that intention throughout the day.

  • Create a meditation calming space at home- Yoga Mat, inspirational reading, candles and essential oil.

  • COFFEE MEDITATION- Wake before the house or 30 minutes before you have to move (drink your coffee peacefully sitting doing nothing-

This Holiday Season

  • Giving-- How are you spreading the love to those in need? Remembering the reason for the season!!

  • Ice Skate-- -- really fun and lots of yummy German food

  • Newfields Winterlights at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is amazing! We went last Friday- I highly suggest it!!

  • Movie- "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" on my list, I hear it is really good!

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