Tahoe Whispers

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

"Everything we need to know already lives inside of us."

Poem written by: Erika Irby


My dear friend Erika (from Florida) led our journal writing discussion at our Tahoe 2020 retreat. We took a hike in the woods and found a perfect place to sit under the trees to write in our journal. Erika wrote this poem after a couple days of our retreat adventure. I love it so much, it takes me right back to the retreat energy.

The deck creaks and groans with the weight of our bodies

And the burdens we carry

As we shift and stretch

Taking what we need to find ourselves

To find what feels right

To remember what our own bodies feel like from the inside.

We carry our guilt, our transgressions, our sacrifices and responsibilities.

We carry expectations we will never meet.

We carry all that we have mortgaged to be where we are today.

Our health.

Our talents.

Our callings.

The lake is deep.

She calls to us.

We slip beneath the surface, enveloped within her.

Cradled and protected, she gives us courage.

She gives us strength.

She energized us.

She calms us.

She gives us the clarity we seek.

She helps us find release.

The trees beckon to us like mothers of the Forrest

Join us in this na-venture, they tease and sway.

The wind whispers a song that only if we focus, can we hear.

It tells us that everything we need to know already lives inside us.

It has been there all along.

It is a part of who we are.

We are connected to the earth.

Our feet to the ground.

Our heads to the sky.

Our souls to one another.

Each moment is a memory waiting to be born. A precious seed for a Giver to give,

That when planted grows into a piece of our history.

A story for us to tell.

Our story.

Our journey.

The warmth of the statuesque being next to us reminds us that we are not on this journey alone.

The love and light in me honors the love and light in you.


Erika Irby

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