Spring Birthday Air

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Today I am 45. I woke up early feeling excited for the Spring Air. The birds were chirping and the breeze felt crisp. Spring- the time to bloom...I love this season! Digging in the dirt again, watching the leaves grow and smelling the flowers. I love the awakened energy to eat more nourishing fruits and vegetables, and I love the feeling of clearing out spaces in my home.

I ask myself….what needs to bloom in my life?

Mornings are my favorite time! I love the quiet spaces I have created in my home. The first sips of coffee with my guided meditation, plants the path of hope. It is a journey everyday...can I love myself today, can I choose loving and kind words to say to myself. I have always struggled with my feelings toward myself….I am "never enough." The voices are starting to change and I see the benefits of my morning meditation.

"Time has memory and location has energy"

My morning meditation ritual and my living room couch are surrounded by beautiful books, yoga props and a comfortable seat.

Sacred is my word right now. This time at home with nowhere to go is sacred.

What lines need to unfold in my life?

A deeper connection to my family and trusting myself.

And my family started jogging together, and we told stories of our past, and we cooked and ate meals together, and we figured out to “play” without devices. Mostly, WE rested in the freedom of feeling safe at home with nothing to do but to just “BE.”

Favorite song for my day "Bowl of Light" Trevor Hall and "True to Myself" Ziggy Marly

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