Simple Things

By: Cali VanderPlaats

Simple Things

A four layer masterpiece.

All stacked upon one another.

Each ingredient incomplete without the others.

One layer, smooth, and the color of a long, dark, sandy beach.

Another layer glistens like a sparkling geo the color of purple.

What is this glorious thing that I am describing to you.

Oh, it's just a PB and J sandwich.

A sphere shaped treasure.

Filled with all different colors imaginable.

Swirly twirly designs are seen across this sphere.

Small or big, big or small.

It ascends upward almost touching a tall tree branch.

It then soars downward until it reaches the ground.

It repeats over and over again, until it can ascend no more.

What is this wondrous thing that I’m describing to you?

It's just a bouncy ball.

A delicate work of art, made of glass.

Shaped like nothing you’ve seen before.

Its shines its breathtaking yellow glow.

You might mistake it for a miniature sculpture of the sun.

Everything around it stand out as if it were performing on stage.

Now, what is this stunning thing that I’m describing to you?

It's only a light bulb.

Anything and everything can be as amazing as you want it to be.

The simple things in life can be more astonishing than all the rest.

You just have to use the right words for it.


Cali VanderPlaats

Grade 7

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