Our Dream

Our Dream...
There has been a reoccurring whisper in my ear over the last several years. I have tried to push it away, thinking, I am not BRAVE enough. Meanwhile my sister and I got together and started talking about our vision and future together. We were delighted to learn we share similarities in our dreams and aspirations for our lives. We both feel a deep passion to bring adventure and soul care to others. Our heart’s desire is to lead adventurous and soulful RETREATS.

In the process of thinking about leading retreats, we have been taking steps toward our dream. I completed my RYT- 200 Yoga Teacher training program in August, 2019. I completed a year long Wellness Educator certification program in February, 2019. In addition, I have completed a PLYOGA certification and a Minds In Motion training. My sister, Shauna, has a massage therapist license and is also a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher. Long story short.....we have both been on a continuous self-growth path trying to discover the beauty and connection with our lives so we can help others find a mind and body connection.

Along with planning our BRAVESOULS RETREATS, I have dedicated a peaceful space in my home basement to teach PLYOGA classes, personal train and offer calm camps. I have created class content from the Wellness Certification program to help others become the best version of themselves. I am excited to announce the formation of Holistic AIM where the makeup of each session will focus on A.I.M. (Activation, Inspiration and Meditation). Take a look at the OFFERINGS page for classes, retreats and calm camp for kids. I hope you will join us in this new chapter!
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