New Year Intentions: Happy 2020!!

Happy New Year 2020

  • Set an intention each day (try and wake up and spend a few quiet minutes alone)

  • Decide what your mantra will be and make these words visible (my mantras are: STRONG ENERGY and HARMONY) Check out this site/podcast for more advice:

  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast (try making hard boiled eggs- I love my dash cooker) see this post:

  • Move your body for 20-30 minutes each day

  • Hire a wellness coach for 10 sessions (ask me for more info)

  • Cut sugary drinks in half or eliminate each day

  • Plan ahead and pack a lunch everyday, meal plan each Sunday (try click list and pick-up)

  • Brush teeth after dinner and try not to eat late at night

  • Floss your teeth- keep floss in the shower

One of my favorite yoga poses is: Side Plank (Vashistasana with Leg Lifts.) I feel powerful and strong in this pose, some days I can lift my leg while other days it is challenging. Yoga continues to keep my ego in check..... just when I think I have perfected an asana (pose) I fall out....WE ALL FALL DOWN! Just like in life....It is how we get up and grow from our fall that shapes us.

"The way out is in"

Side Plank (Vashistasana with Leg Lifts)

This powerful arm balance is at once beautiful and bold. The reliance on a fiery solar plexus will make the pose feel empowering and reduce a sense of heaviness in the hips.

Take a deep breath and reconnect to your center.

  • Pass through plank position (top of a push-up) and come to balance on the outer edge of your bottom foot and a flat palm.

  • Keep the hips lifted, and the bottom shoulder on the back plane of the body.

  • Keeping all 10 toes pointed in the same direction as your naval, lift your top leg up about 18 inches, and gently lower it back down.

  • Do this three to five times, and then gently release to plank to move into the second side.

Information sourced from: Karson McGinley, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

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