Morning Routine 2019

Happy New Year!! Now that 2019 is here, let’s try and make it the best year possible. Here are a few tips:

Establish a morning routine.

  • Get your phone out of the bedroom-- use a regular alarm to wake up. Having a phone in the bedroom tempts people to start checking email and social media instantly upon waking. In fact, 30% of people report checking email in the middle of the night. When the alarm sounds- wake up...DO NOT HIT SNOOZE...get out of bed! If you want to be a happier, less anxious person stop hitting the snooze button. The research behind hitting snooze tells us when we delay waking up we are less productive and less in control of our life and happiness. We go to sleep at night to repair and rejuvenate our bodies and improve our brain’s cognitive ability. When we fall asleep half our brain is allocated to maintaining body functions; the other half takes all the memories and stores them in our brain. When you fall asleep you go into sleep cycles of about 75-90 minutes. After 2-4 sleep cycles, your body and brain go into a mode for about 2 hours where you’re naturally ready to wake up. This is the time your mind is ready to wake up and be deliberate. If you choose to hit the snooze button, you are telling your brain to go back into a sleep cycle- scientists call this sleep inertia. When you are in a state of sleep inertia this negatively impacts the speed of processing, focus and strategic thinking. If you’re a chronic snooze button hitter, like I used to be, you’ll feel like you didn’t get enough sleep because you started another sleep cycle, interrupted it, and woke up in a state of sleep inertia. I encourage you to start being deliberate and force yourself out of bed when the alarm sounds!

  • Upon waking- Give yourself time to wake with things that benefit your body, mind and soul. Do your best not to check your phone or technology until you have given yourself enough time to establish a positive mindset for the day. I suggest looking at your day ahead and organizing your 3 most important things to complete that day. Next, move your body. I like to start with a 15 minute yoga routine followed by a 2 minute meditation. Drink your water and think about your food selections. Perhaps pack a healthy lunch.

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