Morning and Evening Ritual


with Director of Still & Moving Center, Renee Tillotson

Salute the SUN-- the spiritual sun--- the light within

  1. Start your day with a morning prayer or Mantra- guiding words “strong energy” or the serenity prayer, try and make this the same everyday.

  2. Move your body--- Practice the 5 stages of healing (Nia) GENTLE STRETCH- you can start this stretch in your bed.

  • Stage one- embryonic free movement- On back roll side to side -- stretch and reach arm up, move like your in water

  • Stage 2-- creeping on belly- forward and backward

  • Stage 3-- on knees- cat cow and then crawling forward and backward-- opposite hand and knee

  • Stage 4- wide legged stand-up-- goddess squat, go to tipsy toes~

  • Stage 5- Walking- forward and backward

All of the 5 stages gets every joint in the body going. The opposite connect helps to rewrite and rewire the rt and lt side of the brain--- this helps artists be creative or problem solving in business.

3. Morning Inspiration-- Grab a textbook or bible that you go to for morning inspiration and read.

4. Meditation from what you gained from the inspiration

5. Quote of the Day- “Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit. Can we be free of all that binds and bends us into a shape of consciousness that has nothing to do with who we are.” Garbrielle Roth

“Nothing ever ends until we learn what we need to from it.”Pema Chodron

6. Journal - Gratitude for the day

7. Aha moment a little gem of insight-- write one thing that struck you in the last 24 hrs or last week-- something you say.. “Wow I never thought about that before” or “I haven’t thought about that in so long”

8. Hope Goals for the day-- perhaps you're going into a meeting and you want to compose yourself before.-- Set a reminder on your phone or you're going to do something with the kids- be really clear so you don’t lose balance. OR if you're doing something creative, write your hope goal to really let loose.

  • To really eat foods that nourish my body today and this month

9. Move my body plans for the day-- Joyful movement

Nightly Review-- 3 questions before your head hits the pillow-- to clear the deck and quiet the mind before sleep.

  1. What is it about my day that I am really glad about or that I am happy that I refrained from doing?

  2. What am I not so happy about? Where did I fall off my own path?

  3. What did I learn from that? What would I do differently?

Bedside books--something uplifting

Dreams-- do your best to remember your dreams- tell yourself “I can remember my dreams” write them down right away.

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