Loving Intention Retreat Reflection

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The Loving Intention Mini-Retreat was amazing. I am so humbled by the love I felt in the room. Sharing my love with other women through connecting body, mind and spirit gave me so much joy!

I have been so curious about myself and my ability to teach and lead women? I finally released the fear and hosted my first retreat on 2/16/19. I felt so afraid that people wouldn’t sign-up and I feared that I would be too nervous to teach and I wondered if I was really “good enough?” My word, for a couple of years, has been brave and every-time fear would creep in I would ask my spirit -GOD-to hold me and remind me that I am brave.

I felt at home in my heart and soul leading this retreat. I wasn’t nervous and I loved sharing my gift of movement, yoga and meditation with other women. I can’t even describe how connected I felt doing this retreat, especially in the first pillar, which was Activation. I have been practicing movement and yoga but, I had never led this many women and for this length of time.

I started the retreat with everyone sitting on their yoga mat. I introduced myself, which brought tears to my eyes...I was just overwhelmed with the feeling of love in the room. All these women came to share this experience with me. I had hoped to get 10 in attendance and I had 26 (I capped it at 30). My introduction was my name and my intention for them, to be presently connected to their body, mind and spirit. I then explained the format of the day and highlighted each pillar. We started the first pillar with yoga movement which led to more active movement followed by yoga flow and then finally meditation.

I loved planning all the fine details of the retreat and it made all the difference. I had essential oils being diffused, candles were lit and in just the right place, the colors I picked (earth tones.. gold, green and sprinkles of color, fresh flowers and a small fountain). I killed it with my music playlist- highlighting some songs from the 80’s which helped women connect with their past memories. The entire process gave me positive energy.

I understand now what people mean when they say, “The Holy Spirit was working through me.” I felt this soulful connection and it was an amazing time. The visual meditation was my favorite part of the retreat. When all the women were in shavasana pose, I placed lavender wash-clothes over their eyes and massaged their shoulders. I then led them into a story about walking in the forest, it was very detailed and hopefully they felt like they were actually in the forest as I read the story. Pillar 2 began with moving the yoga mats in a circle and getting tea, a tealight candle, a clipboard and pencil and post-it notes. Each participant had a tealight candle and I asked them to say their name and their “word” of the year (which was highlighted in the visual forest meditation story). I started the sharing process and lit my tea light candle stating my word “brave”and placed my candle in in the middle on top of a rustic wood base with one large candle in the middle. After everyone participated and said their word of the year, they picked up an affirmation card to take home.

The next part of pillar 2 was education on self-care practices. I highlighted information about establishing a morning routine and read a part from the book Hands-free Mama, about making time to do the things that energize you. This led to my discussion with turning calm on and stress off. I showed them practices of turning calm on through breathing, tapping, holding and moving. I explained the parts of the brain and highlighted the limbic system in detail. I had an adult hula hoop and talked about energy shifts and initiating sexual energy. It was great, I never used my notes and it just flowed. I am so grateful I lead this retreat!

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