Lake Tahoe Retreat

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Lake Tahoe Adventure and Yoga Retreat

July 23-July 27

Circling around the table in conversation with other women, I often hear…. “we should go on a trip together. We need a reset, a time to laugh, move and connect with each other…..wouldn’t that be fun!” Hell Yes it would be fun…...Let’s plan it! Someone needs to take the lead and plan! Why not check out a women’s retreat? The beautiful location, nutritious meals, adventurous activities, motivational speakers, music, yoga and massage are already planned out! Sure you will be circling with new women, but they are also seeking the same getaway for themselves. The energy seems to unite amongst the group and it becomes a safe place to unwind and deeply connect.

Retreats are one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. Are you asking...“What is uniquely mine to do?"

My sister and I are excited to announce our Tahoe holisticAIM (Adventure, Inspiration, Meditation) Retreat this

July 23- July 27, 2021. We realize we are stronger together and even though we live in different states (I am here in Indiana and Shauna is in Lake Tahoe, California) our passion and experiences are invaluable leading AIM retreats. We are both RYT- 200 yoga certified, PE teachers, lovers of nature, travel and adventures! Together we share our specialities with: culinary, women’s wellness, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, sound bowl healing, creative energy and athletics. We are excited to share our second holisticAIM retreat on beautiful Lake Tahoe. Our cozy mountain house accommodates 10 people, so please reserve early. For local friends, we will have daily retreat offerings. Please see the links below for more information. Let us know how we can help answer questions. Retreats are one of the best ways to connect your mind, body and soul! We would love to share this experience with you.


Michelle and Shauna

Experience Beautiful Lake Tahoe!!

“Among the peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, not far from the busy whirl of San Francisco, lies Lake Tahoe. It is 23 miles long, 10 miles wide, and so deep that a line dropped nineteen hundred feet does not touch bottom; and it lies five thousand feet above the neighboring ocean. Storms come and go in waters that are lower down the mountains, but this lake is so still and clear that the eye can penetrate, it is said, a hundred feet into its depths. Around its mild verdant sides are the mountains, ever crowned with snow. The sky above is as calm as motionless water. Here the soul may learn something of what rest is as the heart becomes more open by the sweet influence of this beautiful nature.”


  • 4 nights lodging in a spacious Tahoe vacation home

  • Nutritious cuisine provided by a local culinary enthusiast

  • Running and hiking on trails in beautiful settings

  • “Awakening the Senses” Yoga

  • Nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to nourish yourself with healthy foods and self-care practices.

  • Paddleboard yoga and Lake Meditation

  • Daily relaxation practices including yoga, mediation, and restorative yoga, designed to center and energize.

  • Inspiring and motivating music and relaxing sound bowl meditation

  • Motivational Speaker- What is Uniquely mine to do? Finding everyday joy amongst suffering.

  • Massage by Shauna, a licensed Massage Therapist

  • Essential oils and CBD oil education

  • Professional instruction and guidance, safe supervision of all activities

  • Lifelong friendships and memorable experiences

Transportation to and from the retreat house is NOT included. We will do our best to help coordinate rides to the retreat house one month prior. We will provide transportation to all outings throughout the retreat.

Booking information:

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