Intentional Living~Pursuing Yoga Teacher Training

Back in May, I decided to be intentional and pursue my 200 RYS YOGA certification. So here I sit on July 25, 2019 in Bradenton, Florida ready to begin my teacher training tomorrow. I will be training for the next 15 days, learning all things yoga (Reiki, sound bowl meditation and Ariel name a few.) The property is beautiful and I am looking forward to exploring when the rain stops. Please follow me on this journey as I post blogs throughout my training experience.

A Couple Favorite Quotes of mine:

“The Way OUT is IN”

“Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt”

If we begin our day with an intention and pause during the day perhaps we can be in more aligned living. How do you start your day? I have a few tips I encourage you to read. I love author and life coach Mel Robbins. She has helped me be deliberate and intentional with taking action in my life. I am sharing these powerful daily habits that help keep my energy and focus grounded.

Start with YOU-- Wake up early (spend time with yourself) and don’t check your phone for at least 30 min after you wake up.

Set your INTENTION for the day--Retreat to a cozy and clutter free spot-- I created a retreat area in my house that is inviting for me to have coffee, read devotionals and plan my day.

To- Do Journal--Make a list for your day,Include your 3 most important tasks, plan your food, list 3 specific things your grateful for and set the time you will end work.

Joyful Movement- You don’t have to pound the pavement or do a high intensity workout. Do joyful movement (dance, yoga, pilates). I start my day with yoga.

Meditation-- Sit quiet work on your breath (2 minutes or maybe more.) Use the calm App or Insight timer App to guide you.


EVERY DAY I see or hear something that more or less

kills me with delight,

that leaves me like a needle

in the haystack of light.

It was what I was born for -

to look, to listen, to lose myself

inside this soft world -

to instruct myself over and over

in joy, and acclamation.

Nor am I talking

about the exceptional,

the fearful, the dreadful,

the very extravagant -

but of the ordinary, the common, the very drab,

the daily presentations.

Oh, good scholar, I say to myself, how can you help

but grow wise with such teachings as these -

the untrimmable light of the world,

the ocean's shine,

the prayers that are made out of grass?

~ Mary Oliver

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