How do the Trees Speak to ME....

One of my favorite memories during my yoga training retreat was a yoga flow followed by journal writing. I am not a “writer” but I do journal my thoughts. Journal writing has guided me to the unknown answers, it has been a way for me to process emotions and thoughts. You never know what will happen when you put pen to paper. I often find the most inspirational time to write is after a jog or a yoga practice.

We are all on our own journey, seeking the most soulful connection to ourselves and to the divine. Sometimes we have to stay with what is unpleasant and learn how to process our unpleasant thoughts or they keep showing up in our life. We gotta know how to let go! This is really what life is all about. Everything changes, so we stay with that which is most important, ourselves, our SOUL.

What is the yoga pose teaching us? There is no comparison from one day to the next or from one person to the next. We are all on our own journey to our highest most soulful person. We are here to unite our energy and breathe into our own practice growing together. With each breath, we learn to let go and to sink a little deeper into our own “becoming” and our deepest connection to our soul. Disease can not touch it and negative words can not touch it! The beauty of our soul is that it is protected if we stay connected. Journey a little closer to yourself with holisticAIM.

Journal reflection 7/28/19 Heartwood Retreat Center

How do the Trees Speak to ME....

Trees….the roots run deep and they grow slowly with patience.

The trees have the most to teach us about ourselves.

It is said...spending time in nature, with the trees,

is the best medicine.

How do the trees speak to me?

How did I feel during medicine wheel yoga and meditation?

I felt alive and beautiful, in gratitude for this moment.

I could hear the birds, a rooster and a cat’s meow.

A gentle breeze touched my skin and I smell very pleasing (since I just showered.)

I could hear beautiful wind chimes and feel the sun shining through the trees.

So how do the trees speak to me?

They empty me and allow me to just be.

The thoughts come up…

Why do I stay?

I am a nature girl full of desire to be outside.

Perhaps this is the place to be.

I want something more! I know happiness is within--YES--

I think I have come to know this.

I know moving won’t solve happiness.

But I long to be outside with the trees.

Feeling more free to be me!

Could there be something new? A new beginning for our family?

How could we fly free and experience more of the trees?

Truly medicine for me. Oh, how I long to be me under the trees,

with the trees, lost in so free.


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