Homemade Baby Food

Grocery list

  • Dairy/egg

  • Organic carrots- 1 bag

  • Natural organic Cornish hen (2)

  • Eggs-2 yolks

  • Sweet potatoes-2

  • Cottage cheese

  • Cauliflower-1 head

  • Yogurt

  • Celery- 1 bag

  • Apples- 4

  • Avocado- 1

  • Mango-2

  • Blue berries- 1pt

You will spend several hours in the kitchen but what else better to do on a lazy Sunday. Just make a pot of coffee and think about how healthy your baby will be!

Here is how I started and my steps:

1. Place hens in large pot filled with water so hens are covered. Bring to boil and cover. Simmer 1 hr and then turn off heat and let them continue to cook in hot h2o. Also, hard cook eggs in med sauce pan and use the yolk only.

2. While you wait for hens to cook begin steaming veggies and roasting sweet potatoes and apples. I did 2 rounds. Carrots and Celery- I filled a med size sauce pan and used my steamer basket. Next round is Cauliflower. In oven at 350 place potatoes and apples in pan. Potatoes need at least an hour and apples will need about ½ hr. No need to peel because the skin will fall off easy after cooked.

3. Let veggies cook and start getting that food processor or blender ready. I recommend food processor. I fried the engine of my blender. Place about 1 cup of cottage cheese in blender with 2 mangos. When apples are cooked and soft add one apple to mixture. Add water as needed. Set aside because you will add some of the hen to the mix if you want.

4. Next round of food- Blueberries and apples- Blueberries are the best brain food. I just blended up the blueberries with cooked apple or you could use applesauce. Add water as necessary. The skins of the blueberries will be blended and you can see them. That is fine. Remove ½ and then add yogurt to the rest of the batch. When the blueberry and apple only mix refrigerates it gelatins a bit. That is okay just heat it up a little and add some other baby food with it. I added banana or applesauce to make it smother.

5. Take the hens out and once cool enough shred all the chicken making sure there are no bones and discard the skin. Reserve some of the broth left over for blending. Blend one hen with some stock first. Then add about ¼ cup chicken to divided mango cottage cheese mix. I did half mango mix with chicken and ½ without. Use the rest with pre-made veggies and fruits. Here are the 2 blends:

Blend 1


Egg yolk-1

Carrots-1 cup

Sweet potato-1

Cauliflower-1 cup

Celery-3 stalks

Chicken stock as needed

Blend 2


Egg yolk-1

Carrots-1 cup



Chicken stock as needed

  • You can really use whatever amounts you want for each variation. I had extra veggies still to blend up for even more baby food.

  • I use ice cube trays and 4 oz plastic containers to freeze. You are done with food for a couple months.

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