Foundation Training

Breathing: stand tall, toes together, heels apart, bend knees enough to touch and pull hips back just slightly; think about pressing in to the big toe mounds, the pinky toes and the heels of both feet, keeping arches lifted. Think ‘chin in, chest up.’ Hands are in measuring stick (thumbs to bottom ribs, pinkies to hip bones with elbows wide.

On your first inhale breathe in to the upper chest; on your exhale pull the belly in and up; the idea is to maintain the space you created with the inhale; second breath should be in to the side body…breathe the ribs wide. Third breath should be in to the upper back; finally try to put all of that together, breathing your torso as big as you can and then on the exhale use your low abs to maintain that expansion. This is the best ab workout you can do…way better than crunches which just pooch your belly out!

It takes practice, but just keep at it and you will notice a difference. A few minutes a day is all you need to do until it becomes a habit.

The Founder: stand with feet at least shoulder width apart, facing straightforward, toes slightly turned in; hands in measuring stick; take a decompression breath; pull your hips back, soften the knees; keep back braced; scoop the hands forward in front of your belly or chest in to sphere of tension; press the finger tips together and imagine you are holding a ball of energy; the hands are pulling part as the fingertips press together. The goal is to reach the fingertips away from your hips as if you are pulling yourself apart; take 3-5 decompression breaths; if it feels ok reach the arms up to the sky without bending the spine. You should not hyperextend the back; stay in neutral; you will feel sensation in the low back, but it should not be painful. If it hurts at all simply go back to an upright posture and practice the breathing.

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