Family Prayer Circle

"Time has memory." Take time for yourself each day!
"Location has energy." Create a space that helps you feel calm.
~Jay Shetty

This quote instantly came to mind last Friday during our teacher in-service retreat. I love being part of a Catholic Community where we take time to focus on our prayer life. I felt challenged to think about the time, space and commitment I take to pray and was reminded to be more intentional. I already have a perfect place in my home, but I haven’t been using it with my family. So last Sunday I felt called to invite them to this space with me. Often we are hurried and simply say the Lord’s Prayer but I have noticed we have time after dinner- before getting comfortable on the couch- and decided this would be our family prayer time. I did get eye rolls from my kids when I told them my idea, however when they walked into the basement I had a candle and pillows set up in a circle. This space ended up creating a sense of calm and it has been beautiful for us. Here is what my family does in our Prayer Circle:

  • Deep breaths

  • Say the Lord’s Prayer- holding hands

  • A devotional reading (Using Jesus Calling currently)

  • Gratitude- We each express what we are thankful for

  • Pray for someone else

  • Pray for ourselves

  • Closing Prayer and we try to say one “OM” together

Does this quote speak to you? If you need to be more intentional like I did, perhaps you could start small with one of these ideas?

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