2019 Summer Bucket List

Updated: May 30, 2019

#summertimefun #summerbucketlist

We will do our best to pray together, do family chores, serve the community, attend church, eat healthy, stay active, minimize screen time and be kind.

Low Cost FUN

  • Musical Swings ending June 9 (8920 Otis Avenue Lawrence, IN)

  • The blob- giant water pillow

  • Water balloon friend fight

  • Neighborhood/friend Kickball game

  • Wine and Yoga in my basement

  • Bike ride to Farmers Market and Midtown

  • Saxony Beach- Paddle board

  • New Lawrence W. Inlow Park-- Carmel

  • Midtown- Carmel hang-out

  • Campfire and S'mores

  • Fort Bend Hike

  • Friend cooking competition

  • Make a collage and photo book

  • Shades Park

  • Family Sunday golf

  • Kayaking

  • Summer Concerts

$$ Travel

  • Plan a Camping road trip (Bloomington, Red River Gorge, Clifty Falls)- Camping

  • Friend trip to Kings Island

  • Boating

  • Florida or Michigan

  • 200 hr. Yoga Certification

  • Puppy??

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